Humanities Institute of Television and Radio Broadcasting – GITR

The Institute is private and independent higher education institution located in Moscow, Russia, and is founded in 1994. The Institute educates specialists of all creative skills needed for modern television and radio broadcasting. There are more than 1500 students and about 70 staff members in the Institute.

Diplom shpa4enko from mediaschool on Vimeo.

The departments of the Institute are
► Journalism and Screenwriting - educates reporters, editors, authors for television and radio.
► Directing TV and Multimedia - educates producers of TV programmes and media, directors of broadcasting, film editors and special effects, as well as directors of short film formats, including music videos and advertising
► Cinematography - educates professionals to work in television in all formats and genres: documentaries, sports, staging.
► Sound engineering and music - educates professionals to work in film, television and radio, both analogue and digital audio equipment, as well as pop singers.
► Management and producer skills - educates production organizers that are able to solve administrative, organizational, planning and financial, marketing and creative tasks.
► Excellence multimedia artist - educates artists, owning the entire arsenal of expressive means: from the brush of the painter to the computer - art directors of TV programs, artists in filming, artists in computer graphics animation, special effects artists.

We present student works of the GITR in the link below. We will present a new short film every month.

The November 2011 film is called The Carnivals of Fire:
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