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"The new way of learning” in projects at the Institute for Northern Culture.

 The methods of teaching art have traditionally been the following:

The master-journeyman-apprentice model

The professional expertise of art was considered to be mostly skill and studying was seen as transferring know-how from a teacher to a student. Art was learned through lengthy technical practice. Skills were the focus of learning. Occupational expertise and status were acquired by following in the master’s footprints and receiving the status as some kind of an inheritance.

The pedagogy of expression and creativity

Art was considered to be the artistic expression of a creative individual. Artistic expression was studied using individual-centered methods. Technical practice was linked with the rules of composition and the requirement to develop them originally. Occupational expertise and success were predominantly attained through having visibility in the art world and good relations with the curators.

The model of project learning

As the field of modern art has become more extensive, the nature of art has transformed from an individual-centered approach into production and team work. The majority of modern art is produced by different types of teams. Technical expertise has been divided into areas of special expertise, of which all are needed in order to obtain a good result. Therefore, the aim is to train professional experts in production teams, in which occupational expertise is learned through practical work. Simultaneously, the creation of inspiring, high-quality and visible artistic products takes place.
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