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Considering the operational environment of the Institute from the viewpoint of sound contents, my special field, I see interesting development prospects that stretch out to at least two directions.

The connections of audiovisual media culture, design, fine art, and environmental art in the Faculty of Art and Design at the University of Lapland offer a favorable ground for developing the teaching of sound art.

As an international Master’s level program, this kind of an education could be profiled through its special characteristics, such as an Arctic location and circumstances, an operational scope reaching outside of galleries in the way of environmental art, tourism connections and the development of an ethical relationship between the art work and the environment.

Another potential prospect for the education of sound art opens up at the Lappia Vocational College in the teaching of music technology, which could be developed further together with the cultural studies at Kemi-Tornio University of Applied Sciences.

Performance techniques, art works and events are becoming more and more diverse. Thus, there is need for a broader and more content-focused expertise of using technologies.

I work to support and enable starting up such co-operation between different parties.

Antti Nykyri
Artistic Director, Sound Design

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