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Of particular interest to me are the areas of intersection between visual arts activity, research, communities and local industries; what can be called ‘applied visual arts’. An important dimension of the Institute’s work will be to develop a Master’s level programme in Applied Visual Arts that will produce artists capable of high quality art practice, clear documentation, analysis, interpretation and dissemination of good practice. A further aim is to train artists who can respond to the strategic goals of the Lapland University Consortium by carrying out its core mission of providing high quality education across the range of higher education institutions in Consortium area.

Study in the Master's programme will lead to the degree of Master of Arts (Applied Visual Art) and provide students with appropriate experience and qualifications to operate in the extensive field of visual arts in addition to other areas at the intersections of art and society. The graduates of this programme will be artists who can operate not only in the art world, planning visual and aesthetic environments, but also at the interface of tourism and arts, the art and social sector in addition to the areas of formal education. The Master's in Applied Visual Art is underpinned by a philosophy of ‘practical usefulness’, with artists functioning in clearly defined contexts, for example community, performance or environmentally focused art activity.

It is an exciting time and I feel privileged to be part of this important initiative.

Glen Coutts
Professor, Applied Visual Art

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