Tales from the North 2012


Arctic Cinema and Applied Arts

What tales are to be told about how the creative industries, artists and entrepreneurs could work together to benefit people living in the North? What can be learned about new ways of engaging communities through the arts and the role of cinema in the Arctic? What is distinctive about art and cinema in the North? These are the sorts of questions that will be addressed at this inaugural conference, hosted by the Institute for Northern Culture in the newly opened Sámi Cultural Centre, SAJOS, in Inari.

The idea of a discussion is at the heart of the conference, and delegates will explore the two central themes: cinema and applied arts from a northern perspective. Entrepreneurs in arts and culture, artists, policy makers and educationalists are invited to consider how the arts contribute to the economic life and general well-being of people living in the North.

About the conference

This two-day (10th - 12th April, 2012) conference brings together national and international experts from the fields of culture, cinema and arts. The event will be of interest to anyone with a professional interest in art and culture in the north; entrepreneurs within culture, arts, and tourism, artists and art associations, students of culture, arts, and tourism. The conference will also appeal to decision makers in development organisations, municipalities etc.

The programme includes internationally renowned scholars, filmmakers and artists.
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The Sámi Cultural Centre SAJOS
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