Tales from the North 2012



The conference organizers have made bulk reservations in several hotels and hostels in Inari with very affordable rates. These rates are valid only for reservations made through Rovaniemi-Lapland Congresses. These rates are valid also if you arrive in Inari earlier, before the conference, or stay longer after the conference.
Please add your booking on the online registration form. Your booking will be confirmed together with your conference registration. The room rates include buffet breakfast, service, and VAT. Reservations will be made on a first come – first served basis.

Please note that accommodation is not included in the conference registration fee. All hotel fees are to be paid directly to the hotel onsite. Do not pay them to Rovaniemi-Lapland Congresses in advance (no deposit is required). The hotels accept all major credit cards.

Please note that
  • cancellations must be made in writing to Rovaniemi-Lapland Congresses three day prior to the date of arrival at the latest
  • all cancellations made later than this or bookings not cancelled at all will be invoiced in full
  • without prior notice of late arrival, a hotel has the right to give a reserved room away after 18.00.

Hotel Kultahovi

Traditional Hotel
single room 67 € /night
double room 86 € /night
extra bed 25 € /night

River Hotel
single room 95 € /night
double room 115 € /night
extra bed 30 € /night

Hotel Inari

Hotel room options:
Single room (small) 69 € /night
Single room (double room for one) 84 € /night
Single room with own sauna 98 € /night
Double room (small) 89 € /night
Double room 96 € /night
Double room with own sauna 118 € /night

For two persons 108 € /night
For four persons 164 € /night
For six persons 240 € /night

Apartment fees do not include breakfast.
Breakfast price 6,50 €

Lomakylä Inari (Holiday Village Inari)

Cottage A( 2-6 persons) 120 €/two persons/night
Cottage B (2-4 persons) 120 €/two persons/night
Cabin with sauna (2-4 persons) 80 € /night
Cabin with shower (2-4 persons) 55 €/two persons/night
Room with shower (1-5 persons) 80 €/night

Linen and breakfast are not included in these prices.
Rent for linen (bed sheets and towels) 7 € /person.
Breakfast 7 € /person

Uruniemi Camping

For students

Room 7 with sauna (max 6 persons) 120 € /night
Cabin 13 with shower (max 6 persons) 120 € /night
Cabin 14 with shower (max 4 persons) 88 € / night
Cabin 15 with shower (max 4 persons) 85 € /night

Linen and breakfast are not included in these prices:
Rent for linen (bed sheets and towels) 6 € / person
Breakfast 6,50 € /person

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