Tales from the North 2012



Anne Kirste Aikio

Anne Kirste Aikio graduated year 2005 from the Sámi Education Institute’s Media course. After that she has finished her Master's Thesis about her major subject, Sámi Culture for the University of Oulu. In her thesis she had a special focus on Sami documentary films. Aikio has been working as a journalist both in television and radio. Furthermore she has been working with several film projects. Her last work was a entertainment program called "Märät säpikkäät" for the Finnish Broadcasting Company Yle. For last months she has been working with the Sami film database project.


Rachael Arnold
Impact Arts, Glasgow, Scotland

“We use visual arts, music, drama, dance and technology to work in local communities with people of all ages. We use the arts as a tool for change – improving the environment, helping someone get back into work or simply improving quality of life.”


Francene J. Blythe
Director, National Geographic, All Roads Film Project

The All Roads Film Project is a National Geographic program dedicated to providing a platform for indigenous and underrepresented minority-culture storytellers around the world to showcase their works to promote knowledge, dialogue, and understanding with a broader, global audience.


Glen Coutts
Professor of Applied Visual Arts
Institute for Northern Culture


Glen Coutts is part-time Professor of Applied Visual Arts with the Institute for Northern Culture, and University of Lapland in Finland. He was Reader in art and design education at the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, until April 2010. He writes regularly about issues in art education and is currently a Member of Executive of the International Society for Education through Art and Principal Editor of the International Journal of Education through Art

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Johan Edelheim
Director, Multidimensional Tourism Institute (MTI)

Johan R. Edelheim worked in the hotel industry in Europe and the USA for ten years before taking up a career in education in the late 1990s. He has postgraduate qualifications from the fields of business administration, education, philosophy, tourism management and cultural studies. Johan’s research interests are divided between critical investigations of tourism and hospitality cases enlightened by cultural studies methodologies on the one hand, and educational issues in the same field on the other.

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Jussi Eiramo

Managing Director, Hotel Kakslauttanen, Finland


Erkki Feodoroff


Johan Granholm
Director, sales and marketing
Lappset Group Ltd

Johan Granholm - CV 2012.pdf


Gunvor Guttorm
Professor in duodji at Sámi allskuvla/Sami University College

Her research is interconnected with culture expression in the Sámi and indigenous societies, especially duodji. The focus on her research is study duodji (Sámi handicraft, arts and crafts) in a contemporary and indigenous people’s context.

She has also had the opportunity o work together with elderly duodji artisans and share their knowledge in traditional techniques. This interaction with elderly artisans has indeed benefited in her theoretical work. In her research she has combined a creative and theoretical approach. She also argues the importance of ambition to share the finding from research and science with the public at large.


Liisa Holmberg


Jean-Michel Huctin
Lecturer of anthropology, European Center for the Arctic (CEARC), and Institute of Languages and International Studies (ILEI), University of Versailles Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines, PhD Candidate in anthropology.

Co-writer and associate producer of ‘‘Inuk’’ (Greenlandic-French feature film to be internationally released in theaters in 2012), co-author and consultant of many TV documentary films.

Research interests: Greenland, Inuit, culture, education, youth, child neglect and abuse, visual anthropology. For the last 15 years, he has been periodically living in Uummannaq (west coast of Greenland) where he has learnt the Inuit language. Collaborator of the local Foster home for children at risk, he participated in community educational activities including many dogsled expeditions, and co-founded the Uummannaq Polar Institute (UPI).

 Jean-Michel HUCTIN.jpg

Risto Immonen
Sculptor, Artist Blacksmith, Finland

I`m sculptor, living and working in Rovaniemi, Muurola village. In the past I worked as a craft man - nowdays I`m fulltime sculptor. My main materials are steel and stailess steel. My working method is forging: forming hot/red metal  with hammer. I also use woodmaterials for sculpture. The role of art is to offer the viewer aesthetic enjoyment, mental/spiritual wellbeing and unforgettable experiences. I hope that art awakes thought, feelings and discussion -
interaction. I have had many solo and common exhibitions in Finland and in many countries around the world. I have worked also in many international sculpture symposiums around the world. I have worked as teacher (part time) in the University of Lapland.

More information:


Tim Ingold
Professor of Anthropology, University of Aberdeen

Research interests: Geographical: Finland, Lapland, northern Europe, northern circumpolar (including N America, Siberia). Interests relating to past fieldwork: Work, environment and identity among Saami and Finnish people in Lapland; reindeer herding and husbandry in northern Finland; domestic organisation and rural economy among northern Finnish farmers; migration and rural depopulation; long-term effects of displacement and resettlement; social and environmental aspects of technical change.

Theoretical interests: Ecological approaches in anthropology and psychology; comparative anthropology of hunter-gatherer and pastoral societies; human-animal relations; theories of evolution in anthropology, biology and history; relations between biological, psychological and anthropological approaches to culture and social life; environmental perception; language, technology and skilled practice; anthropology, archaeology, art and architecture; the anthropology of lines and line-making.


Timo Jokela
Dean of the Faculty of Art and Design at University of Lapland
Director of the Institute for Northern Culture

Since 1994 he has worked as a professor of Art Education at the University of Lapland. During the years 2006-2011 he worked also as a visiting professor of art education and environmental art at the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, UK. His theoretical academic studies focus on phenomenological relationship between art and nature, environmental art, community art and art education. He is also responsible for several international cooperative and regional development projects in the field of visual applied art, design and art education. Jokela has published several articles and books including Coutts, Glen, & Jokela, Timo (2008). Art, community and environment: Educational perspectives. Intellect Books.

Jokela works actively as an environmental artist, often using natural materials, wood, snow, ice, or the local cultural heritage as a starting point for his works. He has realized several exhibitions and environmental art projects and community projects in Finland and abroad. Recent international touring exhibition during year 2009-2012: Northern Traces: works 1999 -2009. curated by Collins Gallery, Glasgow.UK.


Hannu Kahakorpi
Professor of Film and Television Production
Institute for Northern Culture, Finland

Professor Kahakorpi is an actor, director, script writer and producer. He has directed numerous films for the screen and for television, and television series.


Veli-Pekka Lehtola
Professor, Giellagas Institute, Oulu University, Finland

Veli-Pekka Lehtola is the professor of Saami cultural studies in Giellagas Institute, University of Oulu. His main research themes have been recent history of ethnic relations between the Finns and the Saami, as well as the modern Saami identity reflected in politics, media and art.

Stuart W. Macdonald

Distinguished Visiting Fellow, Strathclyde University and Emeritus Professor, Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen

Previously he was Head, Gray’s School of Art, Aberdeen and Director of The Lighthouse, Scotland’s National Architecture Centre where he was a key figure in promoting Scotland’s creative and cultural industries. He has served on numerous national bodies including the Design Council and Creative and Cultural Skills. He writes and lectures widely on art, design, architecture, education and creative industries.

Matti Malinen
Producer, Les Feux Arctiques
Kemi-Tornio University of Applied Sciences


Don Marinelli
Executive Producer, Professor of Drama
Entertainment Technology Center, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA

Donald Marinelli is a tenured Professor of Drama and Arts Management at Carnegie Mellon University and is also the Executive Producer of the Entertainment Technology Center (ETC).
Professor Marinelli has been at Carnegie Mellon for twenty-six years.
The mission of the ETC is to provide leadership in education and research that combines technology and fine arts to create new processes, tools, and visions for storytelling, edutainment, and entertainment. The ETC pursues this mission through a multi-tiered approach: a graduate academic program, entrepreneurialism, and dedicated industry research.
Professor Marinelli is currently leading the expansion of the ETC internationally with its branch campuses in Adelaide, Australia; Silicon Valley, California; and Osaka, Japan.

 Don Marinelli.jpg

Helga-Marie Nordby
Curator, director, Academy of Contemporary Art, University of Tromsø

Helga-Marie Nordby (b. 1977) is a curator and Director of Academy of Contemporary Art, University of Tromsø. She has a Master in Curating from Goldsmiths College in London and Cand.Mag in Art History from The University of Oslo. From 2006–2009 she was of Director Young Artists Society (UKS) in Oslo. Nordby has curated a number of exhibitions with young contemporary artists in Norway and abroad.


Juha Pentikäinen
Professor of Ethnography
Institute for Northern Culture, Finland

With a field-work oriented approach to the study of religious traditions professor Pentikäinen is especially interested in the oral history of languages, religions and cultures. His research, mostly taking place in interdisciplinary teams such as indigenous peoples, minorities, Finnish emigrant societies and other people themselves as members of the teams has been done in all continents as well as lectures at over 100 universities. The recipient of many awards and honors including the 3rd honorary medal of the international society for research for the lifetime career as the scholar of shamanism in 1999. His publications since 1960 include 30 books, 250 scholarly articles, and 15 films. In 1995 he was nominated to membership of the Finnish Academy of Science and Letters.


Vesa Matteo Piludu
Teacher and lecturer, University of Helsinki, Finland

Vesa Matteo Piludu is a Finnish and Italian scholar of the University of Helsinki, where he is working as a teacher and lecturer since 2006, giving several courses for the departments of Comparative Religion, Musicology, Semiotics, Art Research: Greek and Roman Mystery Cults; Ancient Greek Religion; Ancient Roman Mythology; Ancient Roman Religion, Myths and Music; Music and Religious Trance; Ancient Greek and Roman Ritual Music; War's Signs and Peace's Languages in Media and Arts; Gender and Visual Arts; Semiotics of Culture, Kalevala and Finnish Music.


Timo Puukko

Lecturer, Kemi-Tornio University of Applied Sciences, Finland

Timo Puukko (b. 1975 in Jyväskylä, Finland) has studied in the National Academy of Theatre and Film Arts in Sofia, Bulgaria, where he received his Master’s degree in Arts with Honors in Film and TV Directing in 2005. He has produced, directed and edited internationally awarded short films, advertisements, music videos and documentaries. Since 2010 he has been working as a lecturer in Kemi-Tornio University of Applied Sciences where he teaches screenwriting and directing. He is the head supervising teacher of the Institute for Northern Culture’s production, “Les Feux Arctiques”.

Gretta Sammalniemi
Director, Les Feux Arctiques
Kemi-Tornio University of Applied Sciences

Gretta-Garoliina Sammalniemi is graduating from Kemi-Tornio University of Applied Sciences on spring 2012 (media degree). She worked as a director in Arktiset tulet (Les feux Arctiques) documentary movie. Earlier she has directed a short movie “Love is a fist” (“Vedenjakaja”) (2011) and a documentary profile ‘Isäni mun’ (2011). Both of the movies are productions of Kemi-Tornio University of Applied Sciences. In the future she wants to be a director and a script writer for both fictions and documentaries. One of her scripts is in a development process in Lapin Lisä which is “a permanent and round-the-year development project for film ideas from Lapland. It will bring national financiers to Lapland once a year to evaluate and finance film ideas.”


Dario Seglie
Professor, Doctor, University of Turin

Director of CeSMAP (Study Centre and Museum of Prehistoric Art of Pinerolo)
Co-Founder in 1964, and Director, since 1972, of the CeSMAP, Study Centre and Museum of Prehistoric Art and Municipal Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology of Pinerolo. Professor at the Polytechnic, University of Torino (Dept. of Museography) since 1995. Co-founder, in 1988 (Darwin, Australia), of the IFRAO, International Federation of Rock Art Organisations, the most important international association for the Cognitive Archaeology and for Rock Art. IFRAO Italian Representative; he has been charged IFRAO-UNESCO and IFRAO-ICOM Liaison Officer by the General Direction in Paris.

 dario seglie.jpg

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